The Tots’ Classroom is an early childhood education centre for parents, toddlers and young children. We seek to help young children master and excel through the early childhood developmental stages. We want to help parents achieve their hopes for their children through development and education. We seek to develop all aspects of a child, physical, social, communication and thinking, and not simply concentrate on school based subjects..


Our Mission

We are set up as a social enterprise. This is where our aim is to help parents and children. Developing children to their fullest potential is why we exist.


Soh Huang Ting

Soh Huang Ting is a graduate from The University of Western Australia which is ranked among the top 100 research institutions in the world and was a student of Dr Lee. She is a published author, with her final year Honours thesis featured in a respected European marketing journal. She has had three years of entrepreneurial and management experience.


Sophia Quek is a mother of three young children. She assumes the role taking care of finance and administration. She graduated with a degree in business from Edith Cowan University in Australia. Sophia has held positions in auditing, payroll and accounts in Singapore and Australia, working for private and public sectors.


The Alpha Lambda program is designed by Al Lee (PhD). Dr Lee is a professor and a part of his research deals with young children and their awareness about commercial information. He designed this program for his own young children to develop their intellect, social, physical, problem solving, language and social abilities.
Our Teaching Method

We practice hands-on teaching, using hands on activities that take advantage of “windows” of learning. This is when a child is receptive and inquisitive about specific types of skills, content and activities. In this period, we use our knowledge of early childhood learning theories to maximise your child’s development in the area. The scientific term for this is opportunity driven teaching. This is where we create an environment that challenges a child and provide opportunities to help the child develop inquisitiveness and a liking for learning.

We continue to feed this inquisitiveness to turn this into curiosity. With curiosity, we begin to coach the child to develop structured tools to learn. When we have these tools in place, we give them varied content to feed the curiosity (Figure 1.1).

This loop of learning will be repeated as a child progresses through different stages, first picking up physical learning skills, social skills, communication skills and finally cognate skills.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that no child should be left behind in education. That is why our classes are small – this enables us to give individual attention to each child and parent. We have two teachers in each class.

We have gathered the scientific methods and materials to help you with child development and we share these materials with you. We seek to tailor our programs to fit your child better. Our teachers will discuss your child’s progress to help you understand and undertake appropriate activities in class. We also have activities that you should do with your child at home. We are building a system on this website for you to keep track of your child’s progress.

We treat each child as an individual. We nurture each child. We will always recommend children to the appropriate level of enrichment development, this includes holding a child back to give them more time in a stage or to advance a child if they have advanced abilities. This keeps a chid interested and helps them develop at a rate that is appropriate to their circumstance.

We have your child’s interests at heart. We are parents first, educators second and businesspeople last. That is why we do not charge a registration fee and have special pricing for parents who sign up more than one course for children in their family, or have a child in multiple courses. We will also try to arrange free pick-up and delivery from the same location anywhere in Singapore if you can find 10 or more children to attend the same class.