Parents Speak

Mummy Jessica

You are just simply wonderful! C always looking forward to the class. Parents love the art work you all teached them to do.

Mummy Pandora

My son enjoyed this activity very much! Dr Lee patiently guided him through this many times!

V's Parent

1) 我的孩子在您那儿有学到良好的教育。

CC's Parent

We like the school atmosphere:
1) kind and helpful
2) always cheerful and welcoming
3) a great place to be in!

JJ's Parent

We like the school concept:
1) learning through playing
2) teaching the kids daily life skill through singing, eating, cleaning, sharing, etc.

C's Parent

You guys were more than great!
Although it has just been a short 1 month time but C and myself are greatly encouraged by you guys. The professional advice that was given makes me realise that every small part (at least that’s what I thought) plays an important part for C’s education.

Thanks Guys.

S's Parent


N's Mummy

自从我的孩子来了The Tots’ Classroom,她的英语进步了很多。在没有压力的环境里学习让我的孩子更喜欢来。

X's Parent

Nice and friendly staff and teacher.
Willing to accommodate to my son development.

FT's Parent

Having enrolled our child in this learning through PLAY enrichment program has been a wise decision made. She has learnt and benefited from the lessons and we see positive changes in her as quick as 2 months.